This is a collection of tools developed by the EPFL Bioinformatics and Biostatistcs core facility.

Data and pipeline management applications

Tools Description Doc Code
GenRep Genomic data repository
Bein Tool to build analysis pipelines Doc GitHub

Tools and libraries for genomic analysis

Tools Description Doc Code
BBCFlib Collection of python modules to interact with BBCF tools and DAF LIMS Doc GitHub
BBCFutils Collection of python scripts using BBCFlib GitHub
gFeatMiner Tool to compute statistics on genomic data Doc GitHub
Track Library to represent genomic data as tracks, handling different data formats Doc GitHub

Genomic data vizualisation

Tools Description Doc Code
JBrowsor RoR webserver for Jbrowse GitHub
GDVFast genomic data browser

Topic-specific applications

Tools Description Doc Code
PrimerViz Visualization of GeTprime primers with Jbrowsor